Friday, June 1, 2018

I Will Transcribe Audio And Video

Have you ever needed to transcribe an Audio/ Video recording into a text format? If yes. You are at right place.

We can provide an accurate and PROFESSIONAL TRANSCRIPT of up to 60 minutes of Audio or Video for you for $15 with good quality.

What you will get:
  1. High-quality Video and Audio transcription in PDF and DOC file or other formats of your choice
  2. Unlimited  revisions, to make sure you are happy with the final result
  3. A free proofreading of the final work. 

Each transcript is properly formatted and punctuation rules are adhered to and of course, file security is something we take very seriously.

Note: We work as a team and we have experience of handling large transcription projects, so if you have a large amount of data, need not worry because we are here for you. We will handle your data and deliver in the best time and best quality. 

Looking forward to working with you. 


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