Friday, June 1, 2018

I Will Transcribe Audio And Video

Have you ever needed to transcribe an Audio/ Video recording into a text format? If yes. You are at right place.

We can provide an accurate and PROFESSIONAL TRANSCRIPT of up to 60 minutes of Audio or Video for you for $15 with good quality.

What you will get:
  1. High-quality Video and Audio transcription in PDF and DOC file or other formats of your choice
  2. Unlimited  revisions, to make sure you are happy with the final result
  3. A free proofreading of the final work. 

Each transcript is properly formatted and punctuation rules are adhered to and of course, file security is something we take very seriously.

Note: We work as a team and we have experience of handling large transcription projects, so if you have a large amount of data, need not worry because we are here for you. We will handle your data and deliver in the best time and best quality. 

Looking forward to working with you. 


I Will Write An Engaging Explainer Video Script

I Will Write An Engaging Explainer Video Script

Are you considering brand exposure and professional video script for your commercials, explainers, whiteboard videos and even more?

If you think what I just said is true, then you need my service! I will provide you with the best quality script that will get your business to the next level starting from 5$. 

I have done script writing for many whiteboards and explainer video companies and can also provide you with such a wonderful service here on Fiverr.

I can provide you with sample script if you care. You have a great time and fun working with me.

I will script your ideas in such a way that targeted audience will be prompted to take a decision immediately due to my crafted and lovely story-line with explicit call-to-action. 

You will have great fun working with me on your project.


I Will Research And Design Clickbank And Amazon Affiliate Website

Hi, Welcome to my gig. And I am just going to create a passive income Clickbank and Amazon Affiliate website for you. 

I am a professional writer and SEO Expert with years of experience in web development and design. 

I don't just build a site for you, I run keyword research and build a website base on the result.

So if you are looking for a responsive affiliate site, with viable and reliable products from ClickbankWarrior Plus. Then you are at the right gig.

What you will get. 

  1. Premium Website
  2. Fast selling products that fetch good commissions for affiliates.
  3. Well framed Articles writing
  4. Hosting and domain name
  5. Provide Admin/Back office Login details (username and password)

I develop the website with products for the following niches:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Internet
  3. Self-Help
  4. Sports
  5. Beauty & Skin Care
  6. E-Business & E-Marketing
  7. Fashion

Let us know if you want to promote a different niche apart from the above mentioned.

How it Works:

All products will be encrypted and your affiliate ID embedded "Your earnings will be remitted automatically into your affiliate program account whenever sales are recorded through the site".

Requirement: Your Clickbank username

Friday, September 29, 2017

I Will Write Video Script For Your Youtube Channel

I Will Write Video Script For Your Youtube Channel

Do you want a script that can get you noticed on Youtube and make your Channel rank on youtube search engine? When it comes to short scripts, shorter is ALWAYS better. 
I'll grip your concept or motive with my imagination and break it down to a perfect screen presentable format.

I will deliver your order EXTRA FAST for FREE (if I have the time, I don't like to charge extra for it.)

Pricing would depend on the length and type of the script/idea, efforts involved and reason.

I would also give you assistance when you'd come up with issues while producing/directing scripts for which I've written on your behalf.

I would start developing scripts after thorough discussions and as it nears completion (one day to a few weeks depending upon the script type)
I will write a truly compelling short Youtube script in any genre you need/want:
  • Documentary
  • Education
  • Inventions
  • Or anything else you need! 

I can either write from scratch or base the script on whatever notes you can provide. The more you provide, the closer the finished product will be to your vision :)

Each script is written with 100% original content, catered to your personal needs and request.

I Will Research Profitable Clickbank And Amazon Affiliate Niche

Not sure which Niche are profitable?

Perhaps you aren’t even sure just yet what exactly a niche is? Or maybe you even just want a new niche idea to profit from.

Well, you’re in the right place...

Because I am going to Manually research a Click bank and Amazon Affiliate SEO MICRO NICHE/Keyword that you will profit from in no time.

They include the 6 main major markets category that most profitable niches fall into:

  • Wealth

  • Health &Fitness

  • Self-improvement

  • Dating & relationships

  • Hobbies & interests

  • Gym and Workout

And I’ve gone one step further and included 10 more categories just in case that’s not enough for you.

So whatever area you’d like to get into you’ll find a MICRO NICHE idea in this gig.

Please be aware:

These are in-depth MICRO NICHE ideas with Competitor Analysis and not simply keyword ideas. This is not a list of keywords that I’m suggesting you can go out and rank in Google for.

But instead, Micro niche markets which can be profited after further niche research (more in my gig order)

So let’s get straight to the niche ideas...